Bob Bennett – Veteran Hero Awards
2019 Veteran Hero Awards

Bob Bennett

Veteran First Responder

Organization Newport Beach Police Department

Position Sergeant

Bob started his career of service in 1989, at the age of 18. When he set out to serve his country, he joined the United States Navy and immediately began his training to become a Navy Seal. He was honorably discharged 10 years later and has had a successful career in law enforcement for the last 16 years, currently serving as a Sergeant for Newport Beach Police Department. Bob is a humble leader not only of his PD, but also of his community. He volunteers his time as a surf instructor with Operation Surf each year in Huntington Beach, and also regularly volunteers his time to his children's sports teams. His children, Will and Cali adore him, always look up to him and can always count on him to be present and showup for them,even after many sleepless nights. Not only do his own children look up to him but he is a leader and role model to all of the children they are surrounded by. Bob is always peaceful and can often be seen cracking jokes and lightning the mood on the sidelines of the ball fields. Bob is not only a great father figure, but an incredible husband to his wife Angie. He is incredibly supportive to her own career in law enforcement and when life threw this family a curve ball, Bob showed up as the pilar of his family, never allowing his faith to waiver. His continuous love and strength allowed them to fight harder together. As he continues to grow in his career in law enforcement, the community is blessed to have him serving us and protecting us. His integrity, passion and character can never be questioned as he lives his life each day humbly.

VHA 2019 Veteran First Responder nominee Bob Bennett