Charles Henry – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Charles Henry

Veteran Advocate/Case Manager/Social Worker or Caregiver

Organization Jacqueline Smith Foundation

Position Director of Military Outreach

Charles Mario Henry Sr, is a medically retired combat veteran who is also runs a financial consulting business he founded in 2012 after medical retirement. He is a father of three and continued on serving the city of San Antonio and state of Texas as a veterans advocate as well. He mentors transitioning veterans in business start up and assisting them with services and resources after their transition from military. From 2011 to present he served on many boards and served over 1500 veterans himself with his own funding before accepting position as Director of Military Outreach in San Antonio Texas in 2020 and board of directors with the Jacquilene smith foundation, a nonprofit organization serving active duty and veterans as well as their families. Charles is truly remarkable and travels the globe serving communities in need. His work is well documented and he believes in life of service. Charles doesn’t do it for the accolades he is a servant leader and community leader as well as business leader globally. Charles was selected for prestigious service leadership corp of mission continues where the top 70 veterans in the nation traveled and served different communities in asset based leadership in 2020. During COVID19 Charles ventured into PPE and supplied the city and schools with mask, equipment and sanitizers in early stages when no supplies were available. He has donated over 1 million to the community since 2012 and continues to serve and be a role model for every veteran in highlighting what you can achieve after military service. Charles after he goes through each program with wounded warrior project as alumni he then advocates for other veterans to utilize their service as first hand experience of these programs. Charles was also selected for Storm the hill in Washington DC for veterans legislation and lobbying work for veterans throughout the nation. Charles also was selected to Aipac for veterans outreach between American veterans and Israel. He truly deserves to be recognized for his hard work and continuous dedication to serving military families, active duty and disabled veterans when they return home not only to texas but throughout the nation in many states he travels to on his own dime to help veterans in California, Michigan, Illinois, Washington DC, South Carolina, Georgia, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and many others. This is only a tip of the ice berg of what Charles has done and continues to do for the nation. The categories he fits into are many as veteran owners, veterans advocate, veterans non profit, veterans mentor and veterans volunteer. He literally fits all 5 of those categories.
Charles Henry
VHA 2020 Veteran Advocate/Case Manager/Social Worker or Caregiver nominee Charles Henry