Cory Vigil – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Cory Vigil

Veteran Service Officer or Mentor

Organization Strong Families Strong Children

Position Peer Navigator

Cory, a Persian Gulf and OIF Navy Veteran, has dedicated his life to helping and supporting his peers for the last 7 years. As a full-time peer navigator with Strong Families Strong Children, Chair of the OCVMFC housing working group, and providing assistance to veteran inmates in the HUMV unit at the men's jail. Currently he takes on the role as Veteran Service Officer with Newport Beach American Legion 291. As a veteran who struggled with transition, he knows the importance that critical needs assistance can support. While going through the ups and downs of life, Cory has managed to lead by example and never give up. Since taking on this role with AL291, the legion has been able to continue assisting veteran families with financial and peer to peer support to ensure their stability on the other side. Cory's contacts within the service provider community allow him to have a wider impact on those in need and this position allows him to continue his life's work.
VHA 2020 Veteran Service Officer or Mentor nominee Cory Vigil