Doris Ipolitto – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Doris Ipolitto

Veteran Volunteer

Organization Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary

Position Erie County Cdippolit24ouncil Auxiliary President

It is my pleasure to nominate Doris C. Ippolito for the Veteran hero Award. Doris, also known as Dee, is a life member of the Veterans of foreign Wars Auxiliary, joining under the eligibility of her late husband Philip Ippolito, who served in Korea during the Vietnam conflict era. At the 2018 State Convention, Dee received the Department’s Auxiliary Extension award for mentoring and revitalizing Auxiliary No. 2940. She currently serves as Auxiliary President and Secretary and is President of Erie County Council President. In 2017-2018, Dee was awarded County Council President of the year and also runner-up Auxiliary President of the year in her membership group. Dee actively participates in all Auxiliary programs, evidenced by the many program awards her Auxiliary receives each year. Appointments on the District level include Patriotic Instructor and Americanism Chairman, District 6 Program Coordinator and Mentoring for Leadership Chairman. Department of New York Chairmanships include Cancer Grant Fund, Veterans & Family Support, Mentoring for Leadership and “Buddy”® Poppy/VFW National Home. As Veterans & Family Support Chairman she received the Department’s Membership Program Outstanding Recruiter Award and was named President of the Year in her Membership Group. At the National Convention in Orlando, Florida, she earned the third place Outstanding Performance Award, new Auxiliary organizer citation for her role in organizing Newstead Memorial Auxiliary 3180 (Erie, CC, D6), and National Membership award for securing 20 or more new and rejoined members. The Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court was established in 2008 under Judge Robert Russell. The motto is “leave no veteran behind.” This court is specifically designed to assist veterans charged with non-violent criminal offenses. Doris Ippolito actively volunteers for Veterans Court and was recognized on March 28, 2017 for outstanding leadership and dedicated service to our country and our courts by Honorable Paula L. Feroleto, 8th Judicial District Administrative Judge. Buffalo Veterans Court serves as a model for similar programs throughout the country. Dee is a volunteer on Mental Health Council at Buffalo VA, and the Buffalo Niagara Freedom Lounge. Doris Ippolito is the epitome of a Veteran Volunteer and is deserving of this award.
Doris Ipolitto
VHA 2020 Veteran Volunteer nominee Doris Ipolitto