Jesus LozaCruz – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Jesus LozaCruz

Veteran Advocate/Case Manager/Social Worker or Caregiver

Organization Orange County Rescue Mission

Position Recruits veterans, families, and others living on the streets and under bridges to come into the Orange County Rescue Mission two year program to restart their lives.

I regularly serve and minister to the staff at Orange County Rescue Mission. I met Jesus some years ago in this capacity. He has seem extensive combat in his military service and suffers from PTSD as a result. Yet daily he goes into the places where homeless veterans and sometimes with their families to offer them a chance at a better life. Daily he puts his life in danger in these places to help fellow veterans. On one occasion the local police were getting the homeless out of a deserted former military building that the homeless had taken over.. one came out shooting and was shot by the police beside Jesus. This triggered Jesus into PTSD big time. I helped him work through this episode and he was soon back on the street reaching out to veterans with the same determination and not thinking of his own safety just as he did in the firefights of combat. I also am a veteran and he shows the same spirit as in war but this wR is for the lives of homeless veterans. Provided by Dr. Harold Rhoades, Psychologist
Jesus LozaCruz
VHA 2020 Veteran Advocate/Case Manager/Social Worker or Caregiver nominee Jesus LozaCruz