Jodi Galvin – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Jodi Galvin

Veteran Service Non-Profit

Organization CVJP( community veterans justice project)

Position Founder & Executive Director

Jodi Galvin started this organization in about 2018. She’s a former la prosecutor that now helps veterans, get upgraded discharge papers, find homes, pay bills and especially help court cases, illegal evictions, they work with a lot of volunteers , social workers, lawyers all giving their time to help the greater Los Angeles area. She’s married to a marine Corp Officer and one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever meet. She was recently recognized by la lawyers association at a black tie dinner event. I cannot say enough about this woman. She’s a God send to veterans in the LA area.

Jodi was a former 20 + year Los Angeles Prosecutor . She started CVJP back in 2017/18 to help veterans in the LA area with criminal, social and medical issues.This organization also helps veterans with bad conduct discharge papers and many other items of this nature. They have a small office on the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital campus. They have a small group of dedicated volunteers, lawyers, and staff that go out of their way to help any veteran in need. She was just recognized by LACBA at their black tie event 2019/20. I cannot say enough about Jodi and CVJP. They operate on a shoe string budget.
Jodi Galvin
VHA 2020 Veteran Service Non-Profit nominee Jodi Galvin