Kerri Jeter – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Kerri Jeter

Veteran Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Organization Freedom Sisters

Position Founder, CEO

My wife started Freedom Sisters to share women Veteran Stories. It started as a podcast and has quickly grown and evolved to more. In her first year, she already has diversified her platform with a live event and will launch an Magazine App that is interactive and innovative to amplify more women Veterans. As she has continued to sit down week after week to share some really incredible stories of women from all branches and all eras of service, maintain a full-time job and still find time for our family, she has gone above and beyond to ensure the success and the healing of her sisters-in-service. I am proud to see her walk out her higher purpose, help the Woman Veteran Community, and do it all with minimal resources and still find time to thrive. Her creativity is endless and her compassion is contagious. She has helped other organizations and even found time to help host multiple rallies for the #iamvanessaguillenact. She has donated her talents for the cause. The thing I am most impressed with is that others believe in her visions as well, she did a call for writers and had over 30 women Veterans interested in being contributing writers and trust my wife to lead them well. I know she will and I know the Woman Veteran Community will start being heard in new ways as a result of her efforts, vision and relentless drive. Thank you for your consideration. Marcellus Jeter Retired Master Sergeant, US Army.
Kerri Jeter
VHA 2020 Veteran Business Owner/Entrepreneur nominee Kerri Jeter