Kevin Traw – Veteran Hero Awards
2019 Veteran Hero Awards

Kevin Traw

Veteran/Military Family Friendly Employer

Organization United Health Group

Position Vice President Quality Management

While Kevin may not be the actual "employer" per se - it is often said that Kevin finds careers for more Veterans than many organizations whose mission it is to find careers for Veterans. We're not talking minimum wage, this-job-is-better-than-no-job-at-all employment, we're talking real careers with longevity and opportunity. Just look at his team, where the majority of new hires in the past five or so years have been Veterans. Kevin truly understands the skills and character that military service instills in service members and has gone to great lengths to ensure those attributes are recognized for potential applicants at his company. He hires Veterans - plain and simple, he coaches Veterans, and he also creates content online to help Veterans navigate the transition to careers even outside of United Health Group. Maybe it's the 25+ years Kevin spent in the United States Air Force or maybe it's his tenacious commitment to helping the Veteran community meaningfully re-integrate into civilian life, regardless of the source, Kevin alone is a force for Veterans employment that many whole institutions can not compete with.

Kevin Traw
VHA 2019 Veteran/Military Family Friendly Employer nominee Kevin Traw