Mark Casper – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Mark Casper

Veteran/Military Family Friendly Employer

Organization Tech For Troops

Position Executive Director

A Marine Corps Veteran and Executive Director of Tech For Troops, Mark Casper embodies the gung ho attitude to hire veterans. Early on in his tenure, he made the decision to only hire veterans into the T4T IT program. These veterans are mainly homeless or impoverished or veterans who just departed active duty. Veterans who are searching to better their lives and T4T is here to help support that desire. The vision is to broaden veteran opportunities by hiring additional veterans with a continued focus on individualization in the process. Building a relationship with each veteran is a huge part of our mission. T4T is a lean organization with 7 total employees and feel that they will need to scale up to 12-15 by mid-summer 2021. Casper says that each veteran on the T4T team is instrumental in serving the mission. He knows there is a definite gap between leaving the military and moving to the civilian workforce. We want to work to capture as many new veterans as possible before they fall on hard times and can’t get out. Through our lived experiences of working with veterans and documented research, veterans need a broader foundation of support early in their separation from the military. T4T would like to offer a more comprehensive program that connects opportunities to provide support for veterans by providing a straightforward approach to building their skills. The goal is to provide these opportunities in the training facility and also offer these skills through online training for those veterans in need but not hired who are out of the area. The program is called The Military to Civilian Bridge Program. He believes that this is T4T’s opportunity to stop veteran homelessness and poverty before it begins. Each hired T4T Veteran is part of an IT team that triages, wipes and potentially refurbishes computers to “gift away” to other in need veterans. There are other skills taught such as soft skills and logistics to supplement the IT skills. Through the T4T IT Program, graduates have been hired on Ft. Lee in the Network Operations Center (NOC), at Markel Insurance and at the Pentagon. T4T is also a Virginia Values Veterans (V3) certified employer that reports the number of veteran hires each quarter.
Mark Casper
VHA 2020 Veteran/Military Family Friendly Employer nominee Mark Casper