Maureen Ahrens – Veteran Hero Awards
2019 Veteran Hero Awards

Maureen Ahrens

Veteran Service Non-Profit

Organization Bob Hope USO

Position Center Manager

Maureen is truly a gem! The Bob Hope USO is one of the best kept secrets in Orange County that really needs to be known for the great work they do! Maureen runs the Center and is always available with resources and a smile to help our MIlitary, Veterans and Families in Orange County. For people who travel in and out of the Orange County Airport, it's important for the community-at-large to know about the USO as a source of support and assistance, and for those that are military connected, Many of us are not aware of how Maureen and her group can assist a weary Veteran with anything from providing a place to take a much-needed rest in between flights, see a friendly face, get their phone charged, grab a snack, or obtain local resources from other Veteran Serving Agencies. Maureen is a valued collaborator, and looks for opportunities to partner with other organizations to better serve our Veteran population. As the USO Center Director, she continues to excel in helping to make our Veterans transition to or from Orange County as effortless as possible! She is truly a Hero to all those whose lives she touches!

VHA 2019 Veteran Service Non-Profit nominee Maureen Ahrens