Michael Barrett – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Michael Barrett

Veteran Service Non-Profit

Organization Working Wardrobes

Position Director Of VetNet

Michael is a 20 year Marine Corps veteran who, while he was in was a Drill Instructor, became combat wounded and stayed in for another 12 years to retire as a 1st Sgt. He is currently the Director Of VetNet which is a program within Working Wardrobes in Santa Ana, CA. Everyday he goes above and beyond to assist our veteran clients. He gives the leeway to his associate to where they can provide additional assistance to those in need. He not only pushes to support veterans, but also their spouses and children who need help with resume review, job training, and job search assistance. I feel he is always locked and loaded and willing to do what it takes to help find those in need, gainful employment.

While 2020 has presented many challenges for our Organization, beginning with the complete loss of our building due to a devastating fire on Feb 2nd, followed shortly after by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Michael has remained focused and has been the true definition of resilient in the face of adversity! He has led his team with unabated resolve and has implemented measures that have allowed continuous support those truly in need of all services our Program provides. Since the Fire and the onset of COVID-19, he has managed to successfully provide Program services to over 280+ clients, placed 45 Veterans into job placement thus far this year, and continues to remain a servant Leader to his team, partner agencies, and most importantly to the Clients he serves!
His guiding philosophy is a belief that people are more powerful than the barriers they face and that all clients share a common desire to achieve success. The greatest measure of their success is hearing a client say, "I got the job!"
Michael Barrett
VHA 2020 Veteran Service Non-Profit nominee Michael Barrett