Thomas Salazar – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Thomas Salazar

Veteran Service Non-Profit

Organization Jobs.Vision.Success

Position Vocational Rehab Coordinator

This veteran will give the shirt off his back. My professor would call him a charismatic leader, in where he influences large corporations to give back to the veteran community, the Robin Hood of our time. Mr. Salazar goes out of his way to provide needed supplies for the veterans of the community. While working for JVS, he provides needed training for his brother and sisters from the military and the guidance of applying correctly for employment, while also training them in new skills. He is also a full-time student, dedicating himself to educate his talents to be also a successful team leader. As a leader, he focusses on finding the talent within his team and train them in different hats to be more efficient. He creates new contacts that can introduce participants to new career paths, exploring employment activities, creating certification courses, developing community events, and even engaging his team and other organizations in giving back to the community. He has learned to network with organizations and develop strong partnerships to assist the veteran community.
VHA 2020 Veteran Service Non-Profit nominee Thomas Salazar