Toni Lavacot – Veteran Hero Awards
2020 Veteran Hero Awards

Toni Lavacot

Veteran Volunteer

Organization Veterans Legal Institute

Position Volunteer Paralegal

Toni joined our organization after she finished her paralegal program at UCI. She started volunteering part time in our office and quickly became essential to our operations! Since we've gone remote due to COVID, she started volunteering full time and we greatly appreciate the work that she does. She not only does traditional paralegal work like document preparation, but goes above and beyond for our clients. She's made house calls, takes after hours calls and texts to ease our clients' worries, and has even gone to a food pantry on behalf of a disabled Navy vet and personally delivered food to his home. Toni is a model individual whom we should all strive to be.

"I know I'm Toni's husband, but I wanted you know how much work Toni is really putting into her volunteer work at the VLI. She has been working some long hours since mid-January this year. I figure well over 1000+ hours of volunteer service so far helping attorneys defending our veterans. It’s not uncommon to have Toni working at 10’oclock at night on a Saturday. This includes doing interviews with our veterans, helping them through both legal and personal issues. The veteran’s love talking with Toni and sometimes call her just to talk. I'm proud to be married to her, she is really special."
--Michael Lavacot
Toni Lavacot
VHA 2020 Veteran Volunteer nominee Toni Lavacot